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What exactly is a romantic cozy mystery, anyway?

Avid readers alongside the publishing industry love to categorize their favorite genre, niche, or topic. For some it's pure unadulterated romance. From sweet to steamy, country to urban, both the right and left side of the law. Ultimately, a good romance focuses on the romance.

But what if there's also a mystery? Well, then, is the mystery the focal point or the romance? Are we more interested in their relationship or solving the mystery? It's either a romantic mystery, focus on mystery, or mystery romance, focus on the couple.

What if the mystery is on the lighter side? With humor and silliness and wonderfully fun to read? Now you've got it all. You've got a romance, with a mystery, and all of it comes together in a cozy read that won't make you cry, except maybe with laughter.

Wait, there's more.

What if there are ghosts? Spirits? Poltergeists? Aliens?

All the better! Now it's a supernatural, romantic, cozy mystery!

Now you've got the Luckland Mystery Series.

Imagine a town run by a circle of women with exceptional talents, unlimited resources and way too much time on their hands. That's Luckland. The women themselves are all de

lightfully unique, and as you read each book you'll get to know them up close and personal.

My mother, who inadvertently sparked the whole series said,"I loved book one, but I loved book two even more. Is that wrong?"

I told her"No. Nope. Not at all. Because the more you read, the more you get to know each lady and soon you'll feel as if you're one of them."

"Oh you are so right, I do feel I know them better now."

Then my sister told me she read book two first. I don't know what that means.

I do know that each book has something for everyone, and I hope you enjoy them all.

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