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Luckland_Mystery_Grande Dames and a Vegas Heist Ebook Cover.jpeg

Grande Dames and a Vegas Heist
(A Luckland Mystery Book 1)

Murder and Mayhem threaten to awaken what’s buried beneath the cozy town of Luckland

From blackmail to murder, mayhem surrounds the grand dames of Luckland. Now the secrets they have sworn to protect may destroy them.

When Pippa digs into the ladies’ pasts, she’s thrust into one mystery after another. All while taking a crash course in the paranormal, fighting her attraction for a hot detective, and saving the rabble-rousing women from themselves.

ISBN: 9781953100504

Luckland_Mystery_Aliens and the Dearly Departed Ebook Cover

Aliens and the Dearly Departed
(A Luckland Mystery Book 2)

Exes, aliens, and hypnotic illusions terrorize one of Luckland’s own.

When Pippa receives an emergency text, she doesn’t expect to find one of her mother’s BFFs missing or have a basement blow up right beneath her feet. Star maps and exes haunt Prudence’s past, so Pippa and Devon take a trip to Roswell to chase the origins of an alien statue, only to uncover mysteries that go far beyond the realms of outer space. Between a kidnapping, ancient spirits, and new secrets involving Luckland’s legendary gold, Pippa and Devon discover how far the ladies will go to protect their own.

ISBN: 9781953100511

Luckland_Mystery_Mislaid Love and Found Bodies Ebook Cover

Mislaid Love and Found Bodies
(A Luckland Mystery Book 3)

Love is never so rocky as when a dead body turns up.

Getting dragged into the Luckland Ladies' schemes has become the norm for Pippa, and with Matilda's sixtieth birthday around the corner, Pippa, her mother, and her mother's rabble-rousing friends set out to find Matilda's long-lost love. Instead, they find a corpse.


With Matilda's lounge lizard on the run, and Pippa's house filled with ghosts, the ladies seek answers in a séance. Luckland's legendary gold might be behind the hauntings, but someone with one of the six missing shoeboxes is wreaking havoc with Matilda's happiness, and Pippa and Devon must find out why.


Luckland_Mystery_Stolen Recipes and a Dead Chef Ebook Cover

Stolen Recipes and a Dead Chef 
(A Luckland Mystery Book 4)

The ladies take a culinary road trip, but it’s the chef who's sliced and diced.

When Aunt Hilda turns up for Thanksgiving dinner, the Luckland Ladies set out on a culinary road trip to find a recipe thieving chef. Dragged along for the ride, Pippa suspects murder when the chef turns up dead. And Hilda is the prime suspect. Proving Hilda’s innocence isn’t so easy when the chef’s wife has photos that prove Hilda’s guilt.

A bevy of spirits and messages from the past offer clues that might clear Hilda’s name. In Pippa and Devon’s search for the real killer, four of the six missing shoeboxes turn up, but the ladies remain steadfast in their refusal to reveal their secrets, which Pippa is beginning to suspect may be linked to Luckland’s legendary gold.

Luckland_Mystery_Vengeful Spirits and a Lost Gold Mine Ebook Cover

Vengeful Spirits and a Lost Goldmine
(A Luckland Mystery Book 5)

How much of the Luckland legend is legend, and how much is truth?

On opening night, the curtain fails to rise when a body is discovered in the theatre. Pippa is again caught up in the Luckland Ladies’ shenanigans, but this time it’s Devon she needs to rescue. Treasure maps and the ladies’ secrets might be the key to Devon’s freedom.

After a daring mission, the hunt for a killer begins, and when the final two missing shoeboxes are unearthed, along with letters, a diary, and family heirlooms, the ladies, guardians of Luckland, have one more confession to make…

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