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The Ladies are in the House!

The ladies take a culinary road trip, but it’s the chef who's sliced and diced.

When Aunt Hilda turns up for Thanksgiving dinner, the Luckland Ladies set out on a culinary road trip to find a recipe thieving chef. Dragged along for the ride, Pippa suspects murder when the chef turns up dead. And Hilda is the prime suspect. Proving Hilda’s innocence isn’t so easy when the chef’s wife has photos that prove Hilda’s guilt.

From blackmail to murder, mayhem surrounds the grand dames of Luckland. Now the secrets they have sworn to protect may destroy them.

When Pippa digs into the ladies’ pasts, she’s thrust into one mystery after another. All while taking a crash course in the paranormal, fighting her attraction for a hot detective, and saving the rabble-rousing women from themselves.

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Luckland_Mystery_Mislaid Love and Found Bodies Ebook Cover.jpeg
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