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Ghostly apparition of a victorian woman in a white dress, stained with red blotches, at th

When Hope and Marcy reopen the Luckland Inn, after careful restoration, one of the guests appears to be uninvited. And the other appears to be dead.

When a guest is found, deceased, at the bottom of the stairs, all fingers point to one suspect. Well, at least for the Ladies of Luckland. The accident has all the earmarks of a ghostly shove, by none other than the notorious Scarlet Lady. 

Has she returned, seeking vengeance? Or is someone else behind the victim's untimely death. Tag along with the posse as they investigate the latest kerfuffle in Luckland. And test out their new paranormal investigative abilities. 

From blackmail to murder, mayhem surrounds the grand dames of Luckland. Now the secrets they have sworn to protect may destroy them.

When Pippa digs into the ladies’ pasts, she’s thrust into one mystery after another. All while taking a crash course in the paranormal, fighting her attraction for a hot detective, and saving the rabble-rousing women from themselves.

Grand Dames and a Vegas Heist cover image
Luckland_Mystery_Aliens and the Dearly Departed Ebook Cover
Luckland_Mystery_Mislaid Love and Found Bodies Ebook Cover
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