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Here they are...
Those masterfully mysterious, meddling, mayhem-causing
Ladies of Luckland. 


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On January 30th, 2023, I lost someone dear to me. One of my tribe.
One of the inspirational women behind the Luckland Mysteries. So I'd love it if those of you enjoying the series take a moment and hug a friend.
You just never know.

Farewell My Friend

The Luckland Mysteries are eternally dedicated to

Annemarie McNamara

Her light and vibrancy will forever remain the essence of Pippa.

Whether you're an avid reader or just passing through, I hope you'll stay awhile, and peruse the literary mayhem on the pages of this site! Feel free to sign up for my newsletter or just send an email to say hello.

They're Here!

Luckland_Mystery_Grande Dames and a Vegas Heist Ebook Cover.jpeg

 "Devon Marks, the excruciatingly annoying intensely good-looking bane of my existence, had just announced he’s staying at my place. For a few days. This while I am being terrorized by a Vegas stalker with atrocious penmanship and my mom’s relatives are scattered all over Luckland."
— Pippa O'Leary



Romance should be easy, right?


It's downright dangerous. And messy.

Even deadly.


Just ask Annie. 

Phantom of Execution Rocks.jpg

Phantom of Execution Rocks

Execution Kirkus2.jpg

When the past and present collide, there's no telling what the future holds. Or is there?

Image by David Mullins
TCC new cover3.jpg

The Christoph Curse

The Christoph Curse.jpg

When Sarah's world comes crashing down, it's hard to know who she can trust. Especially when it's not just her life at stake.



Wrapped Gifts

Holiday tales are the best kind of stories to share over a crackling fire and cup of cocoa. 

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