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"Devon Marks, the excruciatingly annoying intensely good-looking bane of my existence, had just announced he’s staying at my place. For a few days. This while I am being terrorized by a Vegas stalker with atrocious penmanship and my mom’s relatives are scattered all over Luckland."

Pippa O'Leary

Secrets & Lies: A Luckland Ladies Mystery

Coming Summer 2020






While recovering from a somewhat long and painful marketing career I made a decision to begin writing down all those stories in my head.  Being a prolific procastinator, not all of them are ready for prime time yet. Translation? Still working on them so if you've read what I've published so far, stay tuned! There's plenty more to come.  


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Coming Soon!

The Luckland Ladies Mysteries

Welcome to Luckland.

Where nothing is ever at it seems.

Where mysteries abound at every turn and a past filled with secrets and lies is bubbling up to the surface. 

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