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Meet Annie: The Perfectly Imperfect Heroine in search of her Happy Ending.

When Annie dives into a hot new bestseller she suddenly sees her life story come screaming off the pages. Every embarrassing moment memorialized page after page. Add a mysterious author, a ransacked apartment, an attempt on her life and an old flame, and Annie's life is in a free-fall.

But Annie is determined to find out if she's the muse behind a bestselling murder mystery. Is the elusive author the one guy who broke her heart into a zillion pieces? Is she finally going to get her happily ever after or at least a little revenge? When fiction meets reality, she's about to find out... even if it kills her.

All About Annie is the funny, romantic, cozy mystery you won't be able to put down. 

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An orphaned niece. An enigmatic tycoon. A psychic nanny. And Royals dropping like flies.

Sarah Bennett's life has gone completely out of her control. Suddenly finding herself mother to her orphaned niece, Addy, Sarah is thrust into a bizarre and dangerous world. To keep her and Addy safe, she reluctantly takes a job with Addy's enigmatic uncle, Sam, who 's apparently the victim of sabotage and linked to a foreign government in turmoil. Not to mention the fact that the nanny she hired is psychic and someone is trying to scare her to death. When had her life become a damn soap opera? Things like this weren't supposed to happen. Not to Sarah, anyway.

Sarah must battle her own demons, grief and the threats against her as well as fight off her instant and combustible attraction to Sam if she's going to survive and create a new life for her and Addy. But Sam's got other ideas. And secrets that could change Sarah's life forever.

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The caregiver job for Cornelius Cavanaugh was Phoebe’s perfect opportunity. She could return to her hometown and finally open her clinic serving families in need. Discovering his grandson had returned as well was really just the icing on the cake. Until she realizes her childhood hero has no memory of her. Can the holiday spirit and the renewal of an old friendship restore the memory of a childhood abruptly cut short?

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